Hong Kong

Hong Kong
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake.

Friday, September 3, 2010


So it's been about a week since I've been back from traveling in South Korea and Beijing and I'm finally unpacked and caught up on sleep. I realize there is so much to tell about our traveling seminar but I thought I'd just highlight some of the high/low points.

Seoul, South Korea:
All in all, South Korea is like the United States on crack: very modern, westernized, technologically-savvy (supposedly it has the fastest internet in the world but I beg to differ.)

The people there are a little too friendly for my liking. They think it's okay to just grab you and pull you into a store. Well..it's not. I almost shat my pants the first time some little Asian lady did that to me, I thought I was being abducted.

In Seoul, the area we went out in was called Hongdae. Really good
night life, shopping, restaurants, etc.

We pregamed at a bar called Ho Bar. (There are actually several of them throughout Seoul. The one we went to was creatively called Ho Bar Two.......pictured above with some random Azn.) The cool thing about Ho Bar is that you can request songs for the bartenders to play on the stereo. I requested Sisco's The Thong Song and Third Eye Blind's Semi-Charmed Life, naturally. They were huge hits. Girls were flopping their titties everywhere. And by girls I mean myself.

After Ho Bar, we went to a rap/hip-hop club called NB, which I later found out stands for Noise Basement. We stayed on the second-level by the bar so we could maintain a high enough BAC to not care that we were in a club packed solely with Asians.

The bar tenders pull maybe one of the dumbest moves ever -- they fill up about 5 shots of tequila at the bar and line them up with a little sign in front saying "$5 PER SHOT".....this was just asking for stupid drunk kids to come along and steal the shots right off the bar. I can't even count the amount of times we did this. I was also able to cop a few shot glasses in the mix...I couldn't leave any evidence of the crime, ya know?

Here's a little video, so you can get a feel for a the Korean Hip Hop club. 'Twas an Asian fantasy...

This one Asian (bottom left) wanted my dick so bad I can't even tell you. He was Asian though so that was the problem right there.

Overall, shit got pretty weird and we ended up going back to Ho Bar and NB for round 2 a different night.

Seoul was real.

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