Hong Kong

Hong Kong
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm in Beijing, Bitch!

Korea was legit, Beijing smelled like shit.

but actually.
it smells like feces.

Beijing is one of the dirtiest places I've ever been. The air is fucking narsty and just like....thick.

...this did not stop us from going hard, however. It may have even been the reason for our crucial need to rage constantly.

I was recommended to check out a club called Chinadoll by a friend of mine at school, so we took up this opportunity not 1, but 3 nights.

Chinadoll is located in the shopping/bar-area called Sanlitun. The inside of Chinadoll is trendy, upscale, and definitely has more of a club feel. It's known for getting some of the hottest DJs in Asia too.

But, our token epic night (we gotta have at least one night where shit gets a little too weird [even for us] in every city we go to) happened on Chinadoll's sick-ass rooftop. I'm a huge fan of rooftop bars and Chinadoll did not disappoint in this aspect. [Pictured above.]

After a successful pre-game with my main man Captain Morgan, we got to the bar around midnight or so. As it was still early in the night (2 am is considered early in Asia) most people were chillin' on sofas, drinking casually.

Then BOOM. Something hit Chinadoll.

The second we get there we immediately start raging face. Ryan's doing his stupid shirt-move, Matt's doing his signature "Syraccuuuuuse" fist-pump, Hamza is yelling "I'm in Beijing, bitch!"

Basicalllly, there was a fountain with a platform in the middle of it. I'm not sure if this platform was intended for dancing on, but we danced on it regardless. [Pictured left.] Pretty soon Ryan was doing backflips into the fountain and I was practicing my breaststroke. Why security let this happen is beyond me....

People discontinued their conversations just to watch us. It was like the first time Americans saw the show, The Jersey Shore. We looked fucking ridiculous.

Apparently I ended up passing out mid-conversation with a group of around 10 people and they told my friends it was one of the most impressive things they had ever seen. They also were somewhat concerned and wanted to clarify that they didn't roofie me or anything.

I do remember getting back to the hotel, but I woke up in Keith and Matt's room? Catherine was also worried because she had found my shoes that I had worn out that night in our room...both with the heels off.

I had some mystery-solving to do...

I found out that one of my heels broke as a result of kicking Adam, which made me angry I guess? so I proceeded to kick the wall with my other foot out of contempt for my broken shoe, ultimately breaking the other heel. I guess playing in a fountain with 10 dollar heels that I bought off the streets of Korea will do that.

I also was informed that when we left the bar, I told Matt to block me as I peed on the side of the road, while being scolded by some random Chinaman.


Signing off with nO rEgReTs,


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