Hong Kong

Hong Kong
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Asians Are Not Subtle When They Are Perplexed By Caucasians

And to update you on the more cultural activities we did in Beijing......
(I mean, that is what I'm here for, right?)

Tiananmen Square/Forbidden City - The most entertaining part was the people there. A lot of people in the cultural and historical areas of Beijing are Chinese tourists visiting from mainland China. A lot of these people have never seen white people before. Or Black people. Or Indian people. Or anyone not Chinese. They will come right up to you and start taking pictures of you...it's fucking weird as fuck and takes some getting used to. You're like uhhh ok fine? I got kind of into it, not going to lie, being a narcissist and all. Like sure you can take pictures of me? I was posin' n shit.

These people will shove their children in pictures and the kids will get all giddy that they took a photo with a Westerner! It's actually pretty adorable. It's like when you go to Disney for your first time as a little kid and you're too scared to ask the characters for their autograph or get in the picture with them. And then after a little push from your parents, you do it, and are so glad they made you. That's exactly what it was like, but in this case, we were the Disney characters. Just not as attractive.

To freak people out even more, we had Beau (who is snow white) and Tish (who is...well, Black) pose together and pretend like they were dating. Ryan and Stefan held hands. They looked gay. Just showin da people the reasons why Amurrrica is fresh2death!

Some Asian lady asked me if my boyfriend (I was walking with Adam so I guess that means he is my boyfriend) was from Brazil. Adam is Indian. Case in point of what happens when Google is restricted.

That was another thing -- internet censorship. Experienced that shit first hand. There are ways to get around it (VTunnel and other internet re-routers), thank the fucking Lord or I wouldn't have been able to access Youtube for 6 days. I wasn't able to get on Facebook though (hmm..reminds me of working at the Bureau of Labor Statistics this summer...) even through VTunnel. I could, however, log on using my phone. Don't tell the Chinese government that or they will have a heart-attack!

Oh yeah, then there was THE GREAT WALL OF FUCKING CHINA!

What about it? Um. It was great. (GET IT!!? LOLZ) I was able to check "Shotgun a beer on
the Great Wall of China" off my bucket list. That's all. Not much else to say but that you have to experience it first hand.

Beijing was cool, but we were extremely happy to leave and start our real lives in Hong Kong.


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