Hong Kong

Hong Kong
And the embers never fade in your city by the lake.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Her vagine hang like a sleeve of wizard.

Hello! (or should I say Nǐ hǎo?)

This is my first ever blog! WOOOOOT! I never considered myself the blogging-type. I don't even care enough about my own thoughts to record them, so I don't know why other people would give a shit about them? But after much thought, actually, none at all, I decided to create a blog to track my daily adventures in China this fall. It only made sense since I will be a busy gal and won't have time to personally email each and every one of you every time I do something crazy in the land of little people. Because you all care. Wait, you don't? oh.

...anyways, I am in the process of writing up a bucket list for myself when I'm in Asia and I will post it when I have finished it. My goal is to cross off every one of these tasks and keep you updated as I fulfill them. So far I have: ride an elephant, shotgun a beer on the Great Wall of China, and hook up with some random Asian dude. (1 out of these 3 won't be too difficult. You can guess which. Kidding. But not really.)

Jagshemash! First blog post = GREAT SUCCESS! Plus Lauren Krebs really wants to go to the gym so I need to log off this shit. See you all again in August!!!!!!!!

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  1. you lost me at "I never considered myself the blogging-type." that was a joke, right?

    love you! have fun!

    your biggest fan,